Top Of The Hill Stables

Rules and Responsibilities Reminder

  1. Lead Ropes Should Be used at all Times.
  2. No Halters On Horses When In Stalls.
  3. Bedding In Stalls Should Be Kept At Proper Level.
  4. Stalls Should Be Cleaned Daily.
  5. Tack Room Door Should Be Kept Closed.
  6. Please Turn Off Lights When you leave Barn.
  7. Do Not Leave Running Water Unattended.
  8. Keep Feed Containers Closed And Secure.
  9. Keep All Gates Closed.
  10. Speed Limit Is 5 M.P.H.
  11. Stallions Should Be Turned Out In Authorized Areas Only.
  12. Clean Up After Yourself.
  13. You Are Responsible For Your Guests

Our Safe Horse Facility is completely fenced with an electric gate at the entrance. Feed is kept in a colic proof container and the barn cats keep the mice next to none. Automatic heated waterers keep water to your horse in the worst of weather. There is no manure pile because it is spread on non-grazing land which helps on flies. All stalls are matted with lights and lofts. Our fence is the best horse fence made and is the safest for your horse.

Call Mike or Jan If You Have Any Questions.

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