Horseback Riding

Horseback Riding in Dayton: Make Memories to Last a Lifetime

Ranch holidays are the dream of many adults and children alike. Top Of The Hill Stables has been serving Ohio residents for over 15 years. While owning horse stables isn’t a feasible goal for many homeowners, Top Of The Hill Stables has been Dayton’s home away from home for horses and horseback riding.

Horses and humans have shared a special connection for centuries. They’ve been our close friends and workers since ancient civilizations. And that unique bond between horse and human is celebrated at Top Of The Hill Stables.

Horseback Riding Adventures for Any Age

Riding on the back of a horse is a thrill you’re not likely to forget. Whether you grew up around horses or have always wanted to gallop on a track but never tried, we provide horse riding equipment and horse riding vacations at affordable prices.

Our connections to our customers and our horses are genuine. We prioritize safety and treating horse and human alike with respect. Call us and see what services we offer—you won’t be disappointed!

Horse Riding Vacations

Whether it’s a birthday party or just because, our rental horses are safe, friendly, and dependable. Take a mini-vacation by going on your own horseback riding adventures. Through field or glen or on our special oval track, our horse stables are truly a paradise for horse lovers everywhere.

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We Provide Everything You Need

Ranch holidays might seem out of reach, but when the horses and the horseback riding equipment are included, you’ll be amazed at how the feeling of riding on the back of a horse in the wind is so attainable.

Our stables are located just outside of the Dayton area, meaning that it’s convenient and easy for you or your family to form lasting special memories.

Here are just some of the special features our business is proud to offer you:

  • Two barns with automated heaters
  • Trail riding
  • Indoor lighted arena
  • 36-acre facility offering group camping and horseback riding excursions
  • Half-mile exercise track for horses
  • Special grass jumping field
  • Affordable lessons, training, and horse leasing
  • Fenced-in location with 24/7 security

A Gathering Place for Horses and Horse Lovers

Whether you’re an old farmhand or a complete newbie looking to make new equine friends, Top Of The Hill Stables is your number-one destination in Ohio for horse stables and horseback riding. Our affordable and friendly services mean that you don’t need to sell the house to get a barn over your head!

Come see how we’ve been making a difference for horse fans in Ohio for over 15 years. Our dedication to quality service is best shown with a tour of our stables and entire facility. Touring around is free as long as you call ahead to make an appointment. We’ve put our love of horses first and it shows in our business and our success in building a community around these majestic creatures.

What are you waiting for? Let’s get galloping today!

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