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Affordable and Secure Horse Boarding in Dayton

Many people love their pets and other animal friends, but horse lovers know that the bond between horse and human is stronger than most. Horses have been special to human society for hundreds of years, and our equine friends have rightly occupied prime space in our human legends and histories.

When you’ve spent your life in the horse stables, you know how difficult it can be to be apart from your special friend. But circumstances change, and it’s not always feasible to live near the horse barn. If you are unable to afford your own horse barn, consider horse boarding with Top Of The Hill Stables. We’ve been providing excellent services to horse owners and horse lovers in Ohio for over 15 years, and when you place a horse boarding contract with us, you know that your horse is in good hands.

Some Features of Our Horse Boarding Services

Horse boarding prices don’t need to cost a fortune. When you leave the horse care to us, you can focus on your own life without losing your special connection to your animal friend. Our horse stables are fully equipped to provide your horse with a happy and healthy life.

Here are some of the many perks included when you take out a horse boarding contact with Top Of The Hill Stables:

  • Two barns each with matted stalls
  • A lit indoor arena with sand footing
  • Grass show jumping field
  • 36-acre facility so your horse always has room to roam
  • Half-mile exercise track
  • Special grass jumping field
  • Affordable lessons, training, and horse leasing
  • Fenced-in location with 24/7 security
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Child Going Off to School? Horse Boarding Prices for Every Budget

If the resident horse lover in your family is going off to school or moving to the Dayton area, don’t separate them from their trusted and cherished pal. Every employee of Top Of The Hill Stables loves horses just as much as you and your child do, which means you know that every equine guest in our stables is treated with immense respect.

When your child is starting a new chapter of their life in Dayton, bring their best friend along. We have affordable pricing options and payment plans to ensure that education doesn’t have to mean separation.

Our Promise to You

We’ve made our lives and livelihoods in the company of horses and horse-lovers. And we promise that your palomino pal will receive the very best in care morning, noon and night when you board in our top-of-the-line facility.

We’ve built a paradise for horse fiends against the backdrop of Ohio’s beautiful scenery. Whether you’re coming down for a quick saunter or an extended visit, let us show you how your horse can have a perfect home away from home—without costing you an arm and a leg!


Not only do we provide some of the most affordable horse boarding services in the area, but we dedicate our lives to the care and comfort of these majestic creatures. Let us show you how happy your horse can be at their home away from home. Don’t walk—gallop—to the nearest phone and call us today!

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